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So much writing going on. I’m about four scenes from the end of William Wilde and the Unusual Suspects, book 3 of The Chronicles of William Wilde. Just finished a long setpiece fight scene with Rukh and Jessira. They progressively have a larger role in each book. Aia’s running around some village called Sand. She’ll probably show up some time soon.

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  1. You say you recently finished a fight scene with Rukh and Jessira – will there be another book in the series?

    • Hi Matthew,

      Right now the plan is for The Chronicles of William Wilde to contain five books. I’m confident I can stick with that goal. In book 1, William Wilde and the Necrosed, there’s only a snippet of Rukh and Jessira but a larger section involving a different character from The Castes and the OutCastes. However, I hope that doesn’t turn anyone off, because the story still kicks ass (IMHO). In book 2, William Wilde and the Stolen Life, Rukh and Jessira play a more important role, and their prominence increases further in book 3, William Wilde and the Unusual Suspects (which is complete in first draft stage). They’ll play important roles in the final two novels as well, but this series is essentially about William Wilde, and the story focuses mostly on him and a young woman named Serena Paradiso.

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