Liege-Killer and Christopher Hinz

When I was kid back in the 80s, I loved a book called Liege-Killer by Christopher Hinz. It’s set two hundred years after a nuclear apocalypse that forces humanity to flee earth, but everyone still remembers the most cause of that catastrophe—the Paratwa, genetically modified killers who occupy two bodies controlled by one vicious mind. The legendary Paratwa named Reemul, known as the Liege-Killer, was the strongest of them all. And someone woke him. I always thought, and still think, Liege-Killer would make a kick-ass movie. Reading that book was important to me.

Anyway, I asked Mr. Hinz if I could name a character in honor of the Paratwa, and he agreed, which I think is pretty awesome. So, here’s the book that inspired a kid for thirty years.