The good news and the bad…

For the past few weeks, I’ve been discussing the sale of the audiobook rights to my third book to Audible Studios. Audible Studios is closely affiliated with Audible and owned by Amazon, and they’re one of the largest audiobook publishers in the world. Well, discussion turned into a contract, and it was finalized yesterday.
This is wonderful news for me! I’ve always wanted writing to become a second career, but the biggest barrier has always been informing people that my books even exist. This is where marketing comes in, and it isn’t something I enjoy. More importantly, it takes time away from writing. But now, with Audible’s marketing muscle to help promote the third book (and the series), I am hopeful that I’ll have a chance (fingers crossed) to get my books in front of more readers.
Now, the bad news. Audible Studios would like me to delay the release of the ebook and print version of the third book until the audiobook version is complete. They want a simultaneous release for all three versions since doing so will boost sales across all three platforms.
What this means is that the third book won’t become available until probably late July/early August. I know this is crap news, and I’ve been dreading posting this information since I first learned of it’s possibility. But I hope everyone understands how fantastic this opportunity with Audible is for my professional goals as a writer.

What I’m doing now…

Waiting on the beta reads, and while I’m doing so, I decided to try my hand at a short story. Something featuring the legendary warrior, Hume. We’ll see how it goes. And hopefully, sometime in the next few weeks, I’ll have a much longer post about what else is going on. For others it might seem like a small step forward, but for me, it has the potential to be pretty awesome.