ConCarolinas 2015

Had a great time at ConCarolinas yesterday. I was especially glad to meet Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh on the Battlestar Galactica reboot). What a wonderful, generous man. He was so giving of his time to everyone. I also met some famous and semi-famous authors, and...

Interview with Jacob Cooper

I’m excited to interview Jacob Cooper, author of the Amazon and Audible bestselling Circle of Reign. Jacob, welcome to the show and congratulations on your recent award. I understand Circle of Reign won Gold for Fantasy in the 2015 Independent Publisher Book...

FIFA Scandal-Arresting them is a good start

I’m glad to see these arrests, and hopefully, it will only be the start. I’d like to see these guilty men impoverished and imprisoned for what they have done. But it’s not because I care about the money they stole or with which they were bribed. It’s...

Tanith Lee-the loss of another legend

What a gut kick to learn that she’s passed away. Her books were so influential in the entire fantasy landscape, and I wish more people knew about her books, especially the Paradys novels and the Tales from the Flat Earth. She could write creepy mood and...

What a first edit of a first draft looks like

Spoiler alert. If you haven’t read A Warrior’s Knowledge, don’t read any further. This is the first page of the prologue from Book 3, tentatively titled A Warrior’s Penance. And this is what the edit of the first draft looks like. When I was...

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