Progress on A Warrior’s Knowledge

So, this is what I wanted to get done in December, and this is what I actually managed to accomplish.

For December, I wanted to finish the final chapter left of A Warrior’s Knowledge, which I did. Then it was the following:

1. Complete a couple rounds of editing,
2. Send it to my editor,
3. Do final revisions,
4. Finalize cover art,
5. Learn Calibre to make the conversion from Word to MOBI and epub a little cleaner
6. Enjoy the Holidays!

So, what did I actually get done. Well, let’s see…I managed 1, 2, and 6. I may not bother with 5 but try Scrivener as my new word processing program, as I’m told it does fairly well at converting to mobi file/epub files. Number 4, finalize cover art, is out of my hands, but hopefully this won’t take too long, and number 3, final revisions, will have to wait on my editor. Given that I just sent her the book yesterday, I’m thinking this will happen in January 2015.

Overall, not bad…