Steampunk paintings of mecha and werewolves attacking European peasants

Came across these steampunk paintings of mecha and werewolves attacking European peasants. The artist is Jakub Rozalski, who goes by the sobriquet “Mr. Werewolf”, and his paintings are from a set titled World of 1920+, an alternate history that inspired the board game Scythe and a video game. The paintings are wonderful, and I’d definitely read the book that had any of these paintings as the cover art.

Rogue One-Some thoughts

I know the movie was released a week ago, and most everyone who cares about the movie has already commented on it. I’ve seen it twice, both time with the mini-nerds aka my sons. I’m not going to go into an in depth review, but it wasn’t the shiny, nothing ever gets dirty, sanitized, and lobotomized versions of Star Wars from of Episodes 1-3. It was grimier, with some of the grayness of BSG-but thankfully with characters that are more likable. In that, it’s feel is more like that of Firefly, but it didn’t have Firefly’s humor-few shows or movies do. And in the end, it’s own important story, one that in the Star Wars universe is just as important as the samurai-battle-for-the-future-of-the universe as we see in the main Episodes.

So overall, I loved Rogue. I definitely liked it better than Episodes I, 2, 3 (not a high bar to overcome), 6, and 7. After the first viewing, I was torn as to whether I liked it better than Episode 4. After the second viewing, I’m no longer torn. I like Rogue One better.


Updates and stuff

I’ve been struggling mightily with my next book. It’s done but I’ve been editing it. And editing it. And editing it some more because it just wasn’t reading well in terms of characterization or dialogue. I’m now in my fourth edit and huzzah! (that word snuck into my lexicon thanks to the local RenFaire), the book is taking shape. It’s becoming something of what I hoped. Maybe another edit after this one and I can send it on for my beta readers to take a look at it and then on to my editor. Progress!

In addition, today’s my birthday, and because it is, I decided to put A Warrior’s Path on sale at $0.99. I don’t know if this means much to anyone who already likes my author page, but you never know about friends and family. Hint. Hint. 

Here’s the link