Here come the mammoths!

I’d always hoped something like this would come about with CRISPR gene editing and cloning. George Church’s team is closing in on creating a mammoth-Asian elephant Chimera (had to call it that).

Journeys anthology/Update

Still motoring along with book 2 of the Chronicles of William Wilde. At this rate, I’ll have the extended outline done by next weekend. Fingers crossed. Although this series takes place in 1986, starting out in Cincinnati, OH, several characters from the Castes...

Status Update

Currently, I am in the middle of writing book 2 of my next series, The Chronicles of William Wilde. Book one, William Wilde and the Necrosed, is with my editor, David Farland. Yes, that David Farland. Pretty thrilled about the person editing my book. You know, the...

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