A Warrior’s Path

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Two millennia ago, a demon thundered into the skies of Arisa, casting down the First World.  She was Suwraith, the Bringer of Sorrows.  And on the same night as Her arrival, there rose about the world’s great cities the Oases, a mysterious means by which Humanity lies protected and huddled against the might of the Sorrow Bringer.  It is a temporary respite.  Throughout the rest of Arisa, Suwraith’s Chimeras boil across the Wildness, the wide swaths of land beyond the boundaries of the few, far-flung cities, killing any unfortunates in their path and ruling all in Her name.  But always She seeks more: Humanity’s utter extinction.

Into this world is born Rukh Shektan, a peerless young warrior from a Caste of warriors.  He is well-versed in the keen language of swords and the sacred law of the seven Castes: for each Caste is a role and a Talent given, and none may seek that to which they were not born.  It is the iron-clad decree by which all cities maintain their fragile existence and to defy this law means exile and death.  And Rukh has ever been faithful to the teachings of his elders.

But all his knowledge and devotion may not save him because soon he must join the Trials, the holy burden by which by which the cities of Humanity maintain their slender connection with one another, and the only means by which a warrior can prove his worth.  There in the Wildness, Rukh will struggle to survive as he engages in the never-ending war with the Chimeras, but he will also discover a challenge to all he has held to be true and risk losing all he holds dear.  And it will come in the guise of one of Humanity’s greatest enemies – perhaps its greatest allies.

Worse, he will learn of Suwraith’s plans.  The Sorrow Bringer has dread intentions for his home.  The city of Ashoka is to be razed and her people slaughtered.

2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards Winner-Fantasy



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  1. David, I’ve been following your book as we both released around the same time. I want to wish you the very best and would love to compare notes on your experiences with your kindle launch, pricing, etc… if you think that has any value. Also, happy to send you a complimentary copy of my book, Mythborn, just cuz. Take care, and good luck, Vijay

  2. Can you send me a character outline or put one on your website please. I’m listening to the audio books and I’m all turned around with all the different names that sound similar.

  3. Dear David,

    A couple of days ago I have picked up the first book of the Casts and the Outcasts on audible and I am about to devour the final chapters of book 3. I have been listening to hundreds of books for the past few years and because of that I find it hard to be easily satisfied.The twists and turns of most stories are predictable and easily telegraphed as the author sets up the his narrative. In a way it was even more so in this story since I spent several years in India and studied such stories like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and many more from the even older Puranas. The drama of the cast system, forbidden and unfulfilled love, so prevalent in Indian culture. (classic Bollywood films etc).
    Nevertheless I must admit that you have done a fantastically satisfying job. While I could predict most of the important events in your story it was the extremely well written characters that truly grabbed my attention and allowed me to form an attachment to them. Their behavior and choices felt organic and realistic. I got a sense that the fast pace of the story ( time gaps) that for the most part ignored the potential for a wider world building did not lack in complexity and fulfillment. Brilliantly done! Thank you.

    • Hi Alex,

      Thank you for the kind words! And it’s funny how you describe it as a Bollywood film, but I described it just like that a few weeks ago. It had never hit me until then, but other than the dancing, it has a lot of those elements. BTW can I quote you on that?



      • Absolutely! I will also post that review on goodreads as well. Finished the book last night, left me wanting more, although I wonder what meaningful challenges our new born “Devas” may have since they ascended. 😉

        • They’ll have plenty of challenges. After all, if there are devas, there have to be asuras. 😉


          Davis Ashura aka devas asura

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