Wish I had time to read

Haven’t had much time to read lately (busy writing), which is never fun, but I did enter a couple of book giveaways. First, at SFFWorld.com, I entered for a chance to win Tony Peak’s sci-fi novel, Inherit the Stars. It sounds exactly like my kind of space...

Giving away Stories from Arisa

I’m going to give away both the ebook and audiobook versions of my short story collection, Stories from Arisa, for anyone who signs up for the newsletter from my website. This is the short story collection set in Arisa, the world of A Warrior’s Path. Jacob...

Audiobook version of A Warrior’s Knowledge

Just an update. Hoping to start production of the audiobook version of A Warrior’s Knowledge in late October. Now, back to writing book 3, A Warrior’s Penance. I’m at the part where Rukh and Jessira almost…  ...

An interview with yours truly at SFFWorld.com

SFFWorld.com was the first fantasy/scifi forum I discovered waaaaaay back in 2003. It’s also where I still oftentimes lurk and occasionally comment (I check the threads about once a day). It was an absolute thrill to be interviewed by the folks over there....

The man who saved the world

Pretty scary to realize what might have happened to us all on 9/26/1983. Makes you wonder what other near death experiences we might have had as a race during the Cold War.  

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