Early cover art for Stories from Arisa

Here’s the pencil sketch for my short story collection, Stories from Arisa: Once the coloring is done and my editor sends me the final markups, I’m hoping to have the collection out sometime next week. Right now, there are four stories. First  is Received...

An interview with the Superman/Wonder Woman Tumblr

My first interview! Kinda cool that someone is interested in what I’ve written. Who am I kidding? It’s awesome! Read the interview and you’ll see how I went from writing original stories, to writing fan fiction, and back to writing original works....

Stories from Arisa

I just finished Stories From Arisa, a short story collection set in the same universe as A Warrior’s Path! It’s not volume two, but it is pretty awesome. I would say that wouldn’t I? Anyway, first up is Received Wisdom, a story featuring Li-Dirge as...

The Fermi Paradox

Something I’ve always wondered about, especially as a kid reading sci-fi. This article from the Huffington Post goes over the question first asked by Enrico Fermi: where is everybody?  ...

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