The Arisan Glossary

Note: Most Arisan scholars use a dating system based on the fall of the First World.  Thus:

BF: Before the Fall of the First World.

AF: After the Fall of the First World. 

Adamantine Cliffs: White cliffs, about two hundred feet tall that form the southern border of Dryad Park.

Ahura Temple, the: One of the schools of song in Ashoka.  Open only to Sentyas.

Aia: A young Shylow/Kesarin.

Alminius College of Medicine: One of the two Shiyen schools of medicine in Ashoka.

Arbiter, the: The administrive judge of the Chamber of Lords, interpreting the various rules and points of etiquette.  Typically, he is an older Kumma chosen by the ‘Els for his wisdom and knowledge.  Upon his election, he gives up his House name and takes on the surname of ‘Kumma’.  The position is ceremonial one, and his vote is only offered in the case of a tie.  His social standing is that of a ruling ‘El.  Current Arbiter is Lin’El Kumma.

Ashok: Caste Unknown.  Historical figure who is the reputed author of the Compact and Binding, the constitutional basis of all governments in Arisa.

Ashokan Guard, the: A reserve unit of about 25,000 warriors meant to support the High Army in times of crisis.  It is composed of veteran Kummas, Murans, and Rahails.  A few Duriahs have also joined the Guard over the years.

Baels: The commanders of the Fan Lor Kum.  They are feared for their intelligence and unwavering commitment to Humanity’s destruction as well as their imposing size, chained whips, and tridents.  By convention, they are always given a hyphenated name in which Li- makes the first part.

Book of All Souls, the: Sacred text dating from the First World.  Author unknown, but said to be Devesh Himself.  Over time since the fall of the First World, it has taken on secondary importance to The Word and the Deed in the religious life of most people.

Brand Wall: Caste Rahail.  Born AF 2041 to Trudire and Simala Wall.  Twenty-one years old at the time of his first Trial.

Bree Shektan: Caste Kumma.  House Shektan.  Born AF 2044 to Dar’El and Satha Shektan.

Brit Hule: Caste Rahail.  Born 2027.  He is the youngest Patriarch in living memory as well as the youngest Magistrate in the Magisterium.

Caravan: Trade expedition meant to maintain contact between the cities.  Protection of the caravan – a Trial – has come to be seen as a holy duty, for only through the free exchange of knowledge can Humanity hope to survive the Suwraith’s unending madness.

Castes, the: The social, moral, and economic organization of all cities on Arisa.

There are seven Castes:

Kumma: The warrior Caste.  They are involved in all aspects of defense, supplying the vast majority of warriors to the Ashokan military and the caravans.  Their Talents are especially suited for battle.

Sentya: Known for their accounting acumen and their skill with musical instruments and compositions.  The finest musicians and composers are always Sentya.  They possess the Talent of Lucency, which allows them to think with near utter clarity.  In such a state, emotions are distant.  They can also project this ability onto others.

Duriah: Born to build, they are thick and stocky.  Their Talent is to Cohese: the ability to take various objects and substances and from them forge something different and more useful.  Rare individuals can DeCohese, which is the ability to break any object down to its basic components.  A master craftsman is known as a Cohesor.

Rahail: They maintain the Oasis, sensing where it is growing thin and working to repair and renew it.  It is done through their Talent of Sharing wherein they literally give their Jivatma, letting it seep into an Oasis and keep it strong.  It is an ability they can use but don’t really understand, even two thousand years after it first manifested.  Their Caste is structured entirely around this Talent, although some join the caravans or the Ashokan Guard.

Muran: Traditionally, they are farmers, although some join the caravans or the Ashokan Guard.  Their Talent allows them to bring even a desert to flower.  However, the pride of the Caste are their singers.

Cherid: Physically they are the smallest of all the Castes, but Cherids are generally the leaders of a city.  It is through their natural intelligence and cunning, as well as their Talent.  They possess the ability of Synthesis: they can combine Jivatmas and share it out amongst others.  Thus, a Rahail can maintain the city’s Oasis, not simply with the strength of his own Caste, but that of all Castes if need be.

Shiyen: They all possess the ability to Heal to a certain extent, but only the most gifted amongst them are chosen for one of Ashoka’s two medical colleges.  The rest are generally craftsmen and merchants.

Cedar Grey: OutCaste.  Born AF 2039 to Sateesh and Crena Grey.  Lieutenant in the Stronghold Home Guard as member of the Silver Sun Scouts.

Chamber of Lords: Kumma ruling council.  It is made of all the ruling ‘Els and presided over by the Arbiter.  It is involved in decision-making that will affect the Caste as a whole.  The Chamber also renders judgment for those charged with being Unworthy or thought to be traitors.

Chimeras, the:  Suwraith’s created forces who comprise the Fan Lor Kum.  There are seven species of Chimeras: Baels, Tigons, Braids, Ur-Fels, Bovars, Balants, and Pheds.  All species of Chimeras have some degree of intelligence except for Pheds and Bovars.  Pheds are simply a meat source, grown only to feed the Fan Lor Kum.  Bovars are beasts of burden, much like oxen, but it is from them that the most intelligent of all Chimeras were birthed: the Baels.  The Chimeras are marsupial and born in groups of five, what they label a crèche, and mature to full adulthood within a few years, although the Baels take slightly longer.

City Watch, the: Peacekeeping unit of about three hundred warriors, called upon to maintain the peace and investigate crime in Ashoka.

Compact and Binding: The constitution by which all cities on Arisa are organized.  Dated to just after the Night of Sorrows.

Conn Mercur: Caste Shiyen.  He is the dean of Verchow College of Medicine.

Constrainers:  Leather vambraces used in training or tournaments as a means to suppress the expression of an individual’s Jivatma.

Council of Rule: Ruling council of the Sil Lor Kum.  It is comprised of the SuDin and the six MalDin.

Dar’El Shektan: Caste Kumma.  House Shektan.  Born AF 2006 as Darjuth Sulle to Jarned and Tune Sulle of House Ranthor.  Completed four Trials before retiring at age thirty-one.  He transferred to House Shektan upon his return to Ashoka after his fourth and final Trial.  Married Satha nee Aybar in AF 2039.  Later, in AF 2050, he became the ruling ‘El of his House.

Days of Desolation: A period of decades where the light of civilization was almost put out.  Suwraith raged unchecked throughout the world, and Humanity lay huddled within its cities, hoping to ride out the storm.

Dos Martel: Caste Muran.  Born AF 1998.  As well as being the Magistrate representative of her Caste, she is also a singer of great repute.

Dryad Park: A large, public park known variously as ‘the Soul of Ashoka’ or ‘the green jewel of Ashoka’.  It was developed under the auspices of the Magisterium in AF 1363 on an area of boggy, impoverished land full of rundown homes and apartments.  The park has gone through several transitions, including a disastrous period of time in the 1600’s where the fashion of the day was to return public land to its natural state.  The park quickly became a bog once again with swamp gases regularly polluting the air.  Thankfully, this idea of ‘natural’ spaces was swiftly abandoned.  In addition, during times of emergency, the park can be converted into arable land.

Durmer Volk: Caste Kumma. House Shektan.  Born AF 1990 to Hurum and Kiran Volk.  Completed six Trials before retiring at age thirty-five.  He is charged with the early training of young Shektans and known as the ‘Great Rahail’ for how seriously he takes his duties.  Member of the House Council.

East Vineyard Steep: An area of relatively rundown homes and buildings, which barely stand erect.  However, the main denizens, the Sentyas, prefer it this way.  They would rather not waste money to maintain their homes beyond what’s absolutely needed.

Fan and the Reed, the: All-female Kumma academy in Ashoka.  Founded AF 343.

Fan Lor Kum: The Red Hand of Justice.  Suwraith’s forces in the Wildness.  Their soul purpose is to kill Humans wherever they find them.  They are organized into Plagues, and the commander of each Plague is titled the SarpanKum, a Bael of great cunning and skill.  The Fan Lor Kum are sometimes referred to simply as the Chimeras.

Organization of the Fan Lor Kum:

100 Chimeras form a Smash and the commander is labeled a Jut

10 Smashes form a Fracture and the commander is labeled a Levner

15 Fractures form a Shatter and the commander is labeled a Vorsan

8 Shatters form a Dread and the commander is labeled a Sarpan

2 Dreads form a Plague and the commander is titled the SarpanKum

*All commanders at every level are Baels.  Of note is the SarpanKi, who does not fit into this hierarchy.  The SarpanKi is the special adjunct to the SarpanKum, almost always from his crèche, and outranks the Sarpans.

Farn Arnicep: Caste Kumma.  House Shektan.  Born AF 2041 to Evam and Midre Arnicep.  He is twenty-one years old at the time of his first Trial.

First Father: Along with the First Mother, He was the ruler of the First World, greatly responsible for the peace and fortune of that time.  Legends say that the First Father broke the WellStone and was thereby able to gain entrance to the fortress of the First Mother, and together, they were able to bring life to a dead and desolate land.  The Baels claim it was the First Father’s own Daughter, Lienna, who murdered both of her Parents.

First Mother: Along with the First Father, She was the ruler of the First World, greatly responsible for the peace and fortune of that time.  The Baels claim it was the First Mother’s own Daughter, Lienna, who murdered both of her Parents.

First World: Legendary time of peace and prosperity prior to the arrival of Suwraith.  With the death of the First Mother and the First Father, the First World ended with the Night of Sorrows.

Fol Nacket: Caste Cherid.  Born AF 2006.  He is the Cherid Magistrate and head of the Magisterium.

Fort and the Sword, the: All-male martial academy in Ashoka.  Only open to Kummas.  Established AF 121.

Fragrance Wall: An area of manses and estates.  It is the home to most Cherids.

Garnet Bosde: Caste Kumma.  House Shektan.  Born AF 1985 to Reoten and Preema Bosde.  Completed five Trials before retiring at age thirty-four.  One of Dar’El Shektan’s earliest supporters and a member of the House Council.

Gelan Criatus: Caste Shiyen.  Born AF 435 in Hammer.  Widely considered the father of modern medicine.

Glory Stadium: Ashoka’s main stadium where the Tournament of Hume and other city-wide events take place.

Gren Vos: Caste Shiyen.  Born AF 1975.  She was a highly respected physician in her day, and is currently the longest serving Magistrate, having first been elected in AF 2021.

Gris Holianth: Caste Shiyen.  Born AF 2011.  Owner of the Long Pull, a pub.

Hal’El Wrestiva: Caste Kumma.  House Wrestiva.  Born AF 2000 as Halthin Bramer to Suge and Bryni Bramer of House Wrestiva.  Completed eight Trials before retiring at age 36.  Married to Kilwen nee Asthan in AF 2038 and widowed in AF 2049.  Became the ruling ‘El of his House Wrestiva in 2046.

High Army of Ashoka: Professional army of Ashoka made entirely of veterans of the Trials.  Most of their ranks are filled out by Kummas, including the post of Liege-Marshall.  Currently composed of two legions and a total of approximately 11,000 warriors.

Hold Cavern: A quiet neighborhood of small homes and shops.  It is home to many Rahails.

House of Fire and Mirrors, the: All-male martial academy in Ashoka.  Generally for Kummas but open to other Castes.  Founded AF 216.

Hume Telrest: Caste Kumma.  Born AF 1702.  He is universally regarded as the finest warrior in the history of Arisa, having completed twenty Trials.  It is in his honor that the Tournament of Hume is held in every city throughout the world.

Hungrove, the: A glaring of Shylows/Kesarin led by Aia’s father.

Insufi blade: The sword given to a warrior during his upanayana ceremony.

Ironwood: A fast growing tree known for its lightweight, hardy wood, which has properties similar to iron and is similarly fire resistant.

Isle of the Crows: An island infamous for its black crows in Bar Try Bay.  It is where the remains of traitors are left to rot.  With the lack of a purifying pyre, such individuals are thought to lose Devesh’s grace, and are either punished within the unholy hells or shackled again to the wheel of life to be re-born in a position of impoverishment and suffering.

Jared Randall: Caste Rahail.  Born AF 2025.  Completed three Trials.  Caravan master of the caravan to Nestle.  Suspected member of the Sil Lor Kum, although the proof is rather sparse.

Jaresh Shektan: Caste Sentya. House Shektan.   Born AF 2042 to Bresh and Shari Konias.  His birth parents died in an apartment fire, and he was adopted by Darjuth (later to be Dar’El) and Satha Sulle.  He is the only such individual ever adopted into a Kumma House who is himself not a Kumma.

Jessira Viola Grey: OutCaste.  Born AF 2042 to Sateesh and Crena Grey.  Warrior of the Stronghold Home Army and a member of the Silversun scouts.

Jivatma: Some believe this to be the body’s soul.  It springs from a person’s Well like a waterfall and can be made richer and more vibrant through discipline and hard work.

Jone Drent: Caste Duriah.  Born AF 2005.  He has the rare ability to both Cohese and DeCohese.  He is the Duriah Magistrate.

Jubilee Hills: An expansive area of rolling hills.  It is home to Kummas.

Keemo Chalwin: Caste Kumma.  House Dravidia.  Born AF 2041 to Loriad and Mishal Chalwin.  He is twenty-one years old at the time of his first Trial.

Kesarin, the: See Shylows.

Kezin: See Slayer.

Krain Linshok: Caste Kumma.  House Flood.  Born AF 2003 to Halsith and Jennis Linshok.  He has completed five Trials.  He is the Kumma Magistrate.

Kuldige Prayvar: Caste Kumma.  Born AF 1825.  Originally of House Trektim, he went on to found House Shektan in AF 1872.  He was thereafter known as Kul’El Shektan.  He is also a self-confessed member of the Sil Lor Kum, ruling them for a time as the SuDin.

Larina, the: The only school of singing in Ashoka.  Open only to Murans.

Layfind Fish Market: A raucous area of stores and booths near Trell Rue.

Li-Charn: SarpanKum of the Fan Lor Kum at the time of Hammer’s fall.

Li-Dirge: SarpanKum of the Fan Lor Kum during the destruction of the caravan to Nestle.

Li-Reg: SarpanKi to Li-Dirge and his crèche brother.

Lighted Candle, the: Sentya academy given over entirely to the study of finance and accounting.

Lin’El Kumma: Caste Kumma.  Born into House Therbal on AF 1980.  Completed six Trials and retired at age 34.  Elected as the Arbiter of the Chamber of Lords on AF 2051, and thereafter took the surname ‘Kumma’.

Lure Grey: OutCaste.  Born AF 2044 to Sateesh and Crena Grey.  Warrior of the Stronghold Home Army and a member of the Silversun Scouts.

MalDin: The Servants of the Voice.  The leaders of the Sil Lor Kum.  Along with the SuDin, the six MalDin comprise the Council of Rule.

Mesa Reed: Caste Cherid.  Born AF 2017.  She is one of the wealthiest women in the city, having earned her money through a combination of inheritance from her deceased husband and her own investments.  She is a MalDin of the Sil Lor Kum.

Mira Terrell: Caste Kumma.  House Shektan.  Born AF 2042 to Janos and Sophy Terrell.  She has recently completed her year-long internship with House Suzay.

Moon Quarter: Area of wharves, docks, and factories.  By law, all manufacturing or industry, which might result in malodorous pollution must be placed in the Moon Quarter.  As such, it is an undesirable residential area.

Moke Urn: Caste Sentya.  Born AF 2020.  He was born in relative poverty and obscurity but is brilliant when it comes to finances.  He was given an opportunity to demonstrate his skills as a member of the Sil Lor Kum of which he is now a MalDin.

Night of Sorrows: The night when Suwraith was born and killed nearly half of all people living at the time.

Nine Hills of Ashoka:          Mount Creolite

Mount Walnut

Mount Channel

Mount Crone

Mount Cyan

Mount Bright

Mount Auburn

Mount Equine

Mount Style

Oasis: A powerful manifestation, supposedly of Jivatma, which appearedly suddenly and unexpectedly around certain cities of the First World just prior to Suwraith’s arrival.  Over the ensuing two millennia, they have proven nearly impervious to Suwraith’s power.  Rahails maintain the Oasis of a city through their Talent of Sharing, but how they manage this is a mystery even to them.

Plaza of the Martyr: The largest public plaza in Ashoka.  Also known as the ‘Heart of Ashoka’.  It is famous for the Union Fountain.

Plaza of Toll and Toil: The large plaza into which the Magisterium opens.  Historically, it was where the contracts of indentured servants were auctioned.

Poque Belt: Caste Sentya.  Born AF 2018.  He founded a forensic accounting service.  Rumor has it he was elected Magistrate for his Caste simply so he could no longer audit the work of other Sentyas.

Rector Bryce: Caste Kumma.  House Shektan.  Born AF 2029 to Garnet and Maris Bryce.  His parents divorced when he was twelve.  Completed four Trials before retiring at age thirty-two.  Member of Ashokan Guard as a lieutenant of the Fifth Platoon, Third Company, Second Brigade, Third Legion, and also a lieutenant in the City Watch.

Rose and the Thorn, the: One of the schools of song in Ashoka.  Open only to Sentyas.

Rukh Shektan: Caste Kumma.  House Shektan.  Born AF 2041 to Dar’El and Satha Shektan.  He is twenty-one years old at the time of his first Trial.  He is the first Virgin to win the Tournament of Hume.

Sarath, the: Rahail academy in Ashoka.  Students are instructed in both the maintenance of the Oasis and also trained as warriors.

Satha Shektan: Caste Kumma.  House Shektan.  Born AF 2019 to Mira and Rukh Aybar of House Shektan.  Married Darjuth Sulle (later to be Dar’El) in AF 2039.  She is as responsible for House Shektan’s rise in wealth and prestige as her husband.  She is admired and loathed in equal measure by the other ruling ‘Els.

School of Water, the: All-female Kumma academy in Ashoka.  Established AF 153.

Semaphore Walk: Ashoka’s theater district.

Shield, the: Rahail academy in Ashoka.  Focus is on the training of those sufficiently gifted to maintain the Oasis.

Shir’Fen, the: Rahail miltary academy in Ashoka.  Rigorous admission standards and instructors are a mix of Kummas and Rahails.

Shoke: A wooden blade used in training and tournaments.  It is blunted and possesses properties that allow it to produce as true a representation as possible of the damage inflicted by an edged weapon without actually causing permanent injury or death.

Shylows: The great cats of the Hunters Flats.  They grow to be over seven feet in height and twenty-five feet from nose-to-tail.  They are feared for their great speed, power, and ability to see through Blends.  The cats are extremely territorial and hunt in glarings, packs of forty-to-fifty.  They name themselves the Kesarins.

Sil Lor Kum: The Hidden Hand of Justice.  They are the Human agents of Suwraith and are universally hated and despised.  Many consider their existence to be a myth, although inexplicable setbacks are often attributed to the Sil Lor Kum.

Slash of Iniquity: A judgment by the Kumma Chamber of Lords in which an individual is found to be deviant and traitorous.  Such an individual is either executed with his remains left on the Isle of the Crows or in some instances, merely banished forthwith.

Slayer, the: Leader of a glaring of Shylows.  Also known as the Kezin.

Sophy Terrell: Caste Kumma.  House Shektan.  Born AF 2014 to Kolt and Versana Drathe of House Primase.  Married Odonis Terrell of House Shektan in AF 2035.  Member of the House Council.

Sorrows of Hume, the: Aphorisms attributed to Hume Telrest.

Spidergrass: A type of plant that grows best in temperate climates.  It is used in the fashioning of items once made with metal.  Duriah smiths claim it has tensile properties identical to the finest steel.

Stone Cavern: A neighborhood of craft shops and manufacturing.  It is where most Duriahs live.

Styrd Bosna: Caste Kumma.  House Andthra.  Born AF 2032 to Darjuth and Selese Bosna.  Completed four Trials.  He is the Captain of the caravan to Nestle.

SuDin: The Voice who Commands.  The leader of the Sil Lor Kum.

Suge Wrestiva: Caste Kumma.  House Wrestiva.  Born AF 2040 to Hal’El and Kilwen Wrestiva.  He has yet to be chosen for his first Trial.  He remains a Virgin at the age of twenty-two.  It is somewhat scandalous.

Sunpalm Orchard: A wealthy, quiet neighborhood of stately townhomes and small craft shops.  It is home to many Shiyens.

Suwraith: A murderous being of wind and storm who suddenly exploded into existence two thousand years ago.  Her only desire seems to be the extinction of Humanity.  Her origin is a mystery, although the Baels claim that She was the Daughter of the First Mother and First Father, murdering them on the Night of Sorrows.  The Fan Lor Kum name Her Mother Lienna.  Humanity also names her the Bringer of Sorrows or the Queen of Madness.

Talents: Skills possessed by individuals of various Castes, each one unique to a Caste.

Tanner’s School of Animal Husbandry: Shiyen school of veterinary medicine.

Trial: The holy duty in which warriors leave the safety of an Oasis and enter the Wildness in order to defend a caravan, even if it costs them their lives.

Trell Rue: A fashionable neighborhood of artisan shops and restaurants.

Triumph Court: Plaza surrounding the Glory Stadium.

Ular Sathin: Caste Muran.  Clan Balm.  Born AF 1989.  Completed two Trials before retiring at age twenty-eight.  He was a well-to-do farmer before selling his property to other members of his Clan.  He is a MalDin of the Sil Lor Kum.

Unworthy: A designation by which a Kumma is felt to be a coward and/or morally compromised.  Such an individual is banished from the city.

Upanayana ceremony: Ceremony that consecrates a boy to his duties as a man.  It involves two days and two nights of fasting and praying in solitude and silence.  In the case of Kummas and other warriors, it is followed by the granting of the Insufi blade at dawn.

Varesea Apter: Caste Rahail.  Born AF 2019.  Married to Slathtril Apter.  She is a member of the Sil Lor Kum.

Verchow College of Medicine: One of the two Shiyen medical colleges in Ashoka.

Well: The place within an individual wherin Jivatma resides.  Some believe the Well is simply another word for consciousness, and from consciousness, Jivatma springs forth.

Wildness, the: The vast area beyond the borders of the cities and their Oases.

Word and the Deed, the: Author unknown.  It is a sacred text written prior to the fall of the First World.  Over time, it has supplanted The Book of All Souls as the main source of religious scripture within the world.

Yuthero Gaste: Caste Shiyen.  Born AF 2025.  He is one of the youngest professors of Surgery at Alminius School of Medicine.  He is also a MalDin of the Sil Lor Kum.


  1. I love the maps and the glossary. Thanks

    • You are very welcome. I had to create the glossary because I was forgetting some names. Strange, isn’t it? And my original intention was to create an epic fantasy of narrow scope i.e. just a few characters. Oops.

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