William Wilde and the Stolen Life

The riveting tale begun in William Wilde and the Necrosed continues as William finds himself beset on all sides by cruel foes and even crueler friends.

Having survived the deadly Kohl Obsidian, William Wilde had hoped his life would settle down; that he’d finish his senior year of high school with no further adventures.

But life isn’t so simple for a potential magus, especially one who’s overcome as dangerous an enemy as Kohl. Instead, William has unwittingly earned the raptor gaze of even greater foes. One is someone he thought he could implicitly trust while others are even more terrifying. And all are from the island of Sinskrill. They are mahavans, powerful magic-users bent on humanity’s enslavement. They seek to capture William and chain him to their needs, to bind him in perpetual servitude upon Sinskrill.

William finds himself trapped amongst people for whom deceit and pain are simple coins to be traded, and his best hope for survival might lie with those he thought to be his mortal enemies.

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