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A great group of nerds

Last weekend, a group of around sixteen independent authors gathered at the home of Michael and Robin Sullivan. I’d never met most of them before, but we’d interacted online for the past few years. This was so much fun. What a great weekend. Just typing it up right...

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A new website!

I'm so happy about how the updated/upgraded website has turned out. It's still sorta in the formative stages, but most of it is live. It's a lot prettier, easier to navigate, and faster than before. It also should be easier for me to update and for everyone else to...

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April 2019 in which I pray for sunshine

What's Going on! Nothing much to report this past month, other than my wife and I sharing our 20th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going to Greenville, SC, which is flat out beautiful. The history of the place, how a southern dump became such a lovely city, is...

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Swords of Spring Super Sale!

What's Going on! This will be short and sweet. The weather is still wild and awful. I'm tired of all the rain, but I hope we keep plenty around for the summer. I saw Happy Death Day and liked it. It's like a horror-comedy version of Groundhog Day. I liked it enough...

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Weird Weather and a Good Book

What's Going on! The weather here in North Carolina was weird last week but in an awesome way! It was in the mid 70s for most of the week with some wonderful sunshine. Wish I could have enjoyed it more, but my work keeps me inside. Then Friday happened, and the...

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Sunshine and a new release!

What's Going on (Cue Marvin Gaye)! The weather here in NC has been awful. We had a giant snowfall in the middle of December, which was fun for about 2 days. Then it just became a bunch of dirty crap. Then it started raining. And raining. And kept on raining. Right...

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Happy Merry Post-Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Even if it's a day late and a dollar short!What I've Been Doing Not a whole lot. I saw Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, which was an absolutely fun movie. It was my favorite Spiderman movie, and it was also one of my favorite superhero movies of all...

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December Newsletter

What I've Been Reading Mike Shel is a fantastic author. I'll start with that because while his debut, Aching God, is a quest book, which sounds 1980s, and it's definitely an homage in that sense, it's a quest book in which the characters are older, wiser, and have...

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