One of these days, I’m going to get to write my story about a black dragon name Bartholomew. Until then, I’m going to keep chugging away at William Wilde. Right now, I’m on book 3, William Wilde and the Unusual Suspects, with about 2 weeks to go to finish the first draft. WooHoo!
After that, I’ll do the final edit for book 1, William Wilde and the Necrosed. Audiobook production for it should begin in late December.
Then I’ll do the penultimate edit for book 2, William Wilde and the Stolen Life, and audiobook production for it should also start in late December.
All told, I should have two books fully edited by the end of August and book 3 fully edited by the end of November and the first draft of book 4 (William Wilde and something or another) done by the end of the year.
I’m really hoping to release all five books of William Wilde in 2018, and in the meantime, I’ll be posting cover art as it arrives and more snippets as I finalize the drafts. Those foolhardy few who joined the newsletter will be the first to receive them.