1. Love the map, not sure if is missing some detail though. In the last book , its said there are multiple walls of Ashoka. In a general sense how big is the city from it’s outermost wall to the bay?

    • Sorry about the long delay. I kept meaning to reply, but life got in the way. As far as how big Ashoka is from the outer wall to sea, it’s about fifteen miles. And again, I’m sorry about the delayed response.


  2. Cool map, I know you won’t get what I’m about to say out of mouth of nerdiness, but the second map reminds me of Tamriel from the elder scrolls video game series.

    • Ha! You’re right. It does look like Tamriel! I guess great minds think alike. Or in my case, a good one. Ah hell, I’m alright (Firefly reference). Anyway, it’s nice that something of mine reminds someone of something cool like that. Hope you enjoyed the books as well as the map. 🙂

  3. who made these? they awesome!

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