Who is William Wilde? And what’s the story about?

Here’s the early blurb for William Wilde and the Necrosed, book 1 of The Chronicles of William Wilde:

Eight months ago on a cold winter’s eve, William Wilde became an orphan. A simple car accident that killed his parents and his brother. Or so he thought.

On the first day of his senior year, Serena Paradiso enters the halls St. Francis High School and William’s life. A beautiful girl with secrets related to the death of his family. The same secrets kept from William by his best friend: magic flows in William’s blood, as well as a poison that may ruin him.

And on the first day of Christmas break, Kohl Obsidian, a Necrosed—an undead terror created for killing beings imbued with magic—re-enters William’s life. Monstrous, misshapen, and the author of much death and destruction, Kohl won’t rest until the tragedy he started on that cold winter’s eve eight months ago finally ends with William’s death and the theft of his magic.

Killing off one’s babies sucks

I’ve leveled an entire city. I’ve destroyed a close-knit families, and I’ve even killed a character who I loved. She spoke to me once and said, “I don’t like him (Rukh).” She changed the entire trajectory of The Castes and the OutCastes and became a far more important character than I intended.
But nothing has left me as depressed as the death that I just wrote. I’d already outlined it, and even that stage it left me unhappy. I felt sick about it, but writing the actual scene . . . I got closer and closer to the moment when the character died, and I had to stop and go do something else. I eventually managed to write the words, but I’m still sad about it. I guess (I hope) that’s good writing.

Where things stand

So much writing going on. I’m about four scenes from the end of William Wilde and the Unusual Suspects, book 3 of The Chronicles of William Wilde. Just finished a long setpiece fight scene with Rukh and Jessira. They progressively have a larger role in each book. Aia’s running around some village called Sand. She’ll probably show up some time soon.