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William Wilde and the Lord of Mourning

(The Chronicles of William Wilde Book 5)

The finale to the Chronicles of William Wilde!

William and Serena struggle to recover from the devastation wrought upon their home by the forces of Sinskrill. They want nothing more than peace, but they have to fight on. They know that the war between the two islands, one spanning millennia, is reaching its denouement.

Both Arylyn and Sinskrill—magi and mahavans—prepare for the final conflict. Warriors are trained, readied for the battle neither side truly wants. Indeed, peace might even be a possibility if not for the Servitor, Serena’s father. He still rules Sinskrill and brings Sapient Dormant, the dread Overward to the mahavan home island to serve at his side. Worse, he rouses Salachar Rakshasa, an ancient demon who no one can truly control. Every man, woman, and child of both Arylyn and Sinskrill might pay the price for the Servitor’s zeal to survive.

Rukh and Jessira have their own troubles. Some of the magi no longer trust their leadership, but their wisdom and guidance is needed now more than ever for on the far-off world of Seminal, Shet is awake and readying his armies. And he has his own vengeance in mind.

The Chronicles Of William Wilde

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