Star Trek

I know this is a little late, but how cool is this image?

Starfleet on the ISS.

It reminds of why I fell in love with science fiction in the first place. It’s not the Starfleet uniform, which is awesome to see, but just the wonder of being up there and pushing boundaries.

Seasonal allergies-ugh!

Yesterday morning, I took a Sudafed, Allegra, and a Singulair for my allergies along with a shot of Dymysta up both nostrils. That evening, a Claritin and more Dymysta, and the symptoms were barely under control.

Today, I’m fine. Why? Because of the blessed rain smothering that nasty pollen.

Happy Easter!

To everyone out there, believer or non-(I think having a prayer sent your way is a good thing, so please don’t take this as an insult), I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!