Chris Dane Owens

Warning: Don’t drink anything while watching this video. I still have no idea what the video is about, but for some reason, it always puts a smile on my face. Nerdtastic is one way to describe it, so if you’re not a deep, deep nerd, you may  not enjoy it....

Sales and humility

On the same day I passed 2000 sales (yay!), I also got my first 1-star rating on Amazon. I think there’s a lesson in there about humility and gratitude.    


Our newest cat, Toby, is a pest. We can’t get him to understand boundaries; boundaries like staying off the kitchen counters. Yesterday was no different. I caught him on the counter, licking clean a large ladle. I couldn’t be too mad at him, though. The...

Places to go

Something new to add to the bucket list of places I’d like to visit one day. Selexyz Dominican Church in Maastricht...

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