Stories of Arisa

After the funk of four months of studying for Boards (and passing – Hallehujah!), I hit the ground running for A Warrior’s Knowledge. It’s moving along, but I took a pause, and I’m writing some short stories set in Arisa. The first is an...

Making lemonade out of lemons?

Making the most of living with mom and dad when you’re a college educated adult: Millenials 101: How to Enjoy Your Parents’ Basement. I had something like this in my life, and looking back on it, I wish I’d paid more attention to what was going on in...


I went to my first Con this past weekend! It was HeroesCon 2014 in Charlotte, NC. I’d never been to a Con before and had no idea what to expect. From watching television shows (should have known to never trust TV!), I thought the place would be full of...

A Warrior’s Path on sale – again!

For the next five days, A Warrior’s Path is on sale on Amazon. Also, sign-in to Goodreads and enter a chance to win a signed print edition of A Warrior’s Path. I’m giving away three copies and the contest ends on June 29th. Just follow the link to...

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