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*BUMP* Just reminding anyone who might be interested that starting today, April 27th, A Warrior’s Path is discounted to $0.99 as part of Amazon’s Daily Deals. Three days later the price rises to $2.99, and then three days later, on the evening of May 3rd,...

Discount on A Warrior’s Path

I hate doing marketing. Sigh. But anyway, starting early on the morning of April 27th, A Warrior’s Path will be deeply discounted to just $0.99 as part of Amazon’s Daily Deals. This will continue for three days before the price rises to $1.99, and then...

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

This story makes me smile. http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/latest-white-house-gatecrasher-real-fox-171245687–abc-news-politics.html?vp=1  

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