Where the frack is William Wilde?

William Wilde is rolling along. I’m at various stages of complete drafts for the first 3 books. Not much work left. Audible Studios has bought the audiorights and would like the audiobooks released simultaneously with the ebook/print book. What that means is that I’ll have three books done and none out in the world. Crap!

The good news is that Nick Podehl will do the narration again, and I’ll always want that. Right now, the schedule is for Nick to do the narrations for books 1-2 in December and book 3 in late January with a 3-4 month release schedule starting on Feb. 27th, 2018. The same things will apply as far as pronunciation etc since once more, what I thought would be a simple YA fantasy that becomes an epic fantasy became much more complicated. Especially since Rukh, Jessira, and one other character transitioned from their world of Arisa to Earth circa 1987 onward.

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