Thor: Ragnarok. A quick, spoilerish review. Thor’s chained up by a horned devil who’s helmet is supposed to lead to the fall of Asgard. In this movie, though, Thor channels his inner Tony Stark. No longer the noble warrior, he’s snarky and fun. Long story short, Thor lays the smacketh down on the roody-poo (my Rock reference) candy-ass demon and steals the helmet. Some fiery hound of hell chases him and Skurge played by Karl Urban aka Judge Dredd, is busy trying to make time with some Asgardian women. Skurge finally beams Thor back to Asgard and all is well.

Thor then realizes Loki has been pretending to Odin for I guess the past few years as the real Odin has gone MIA. Thor isn’t too bright, I guess. Anyway, the movie then gets going as the two brothers search for their missing father. They find him, their older sister Hela, played by Kate Blanchett, in a form fitting leathery looking outfit that had to be uncomfortable as hella to wear, finds them and all hella breaks loose.

Enough spoilers. Mostly because I’m tired of writing. Anyway, I liked the movie. It was fun, but like all comic book movies not named The Avengers, it’s forgettable. Not deep, but that’s the age we live in when it comes to movies. Some of the scenes, the winks to breaking tropes and almost breaking the fourth wall reminded me of Deadpool, but without the shock-and-awe cluster of f-bombs. Thank god.

A final note, I still wish Thor’s powers were based on magic instead of science. Call it the fantasy author in me.

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