The good news and the bad…

For the past few weeks, I’ve been discussing the sale of the audiobook rights to my third book to Audible Studios. Audible Studios is closely affiliated with Audible and owned by Amazon, and they’re one of the largest audiobook publishers in the world. Well, discussion turned into a contract, and it was finalized yesterday.
This is wonderful news for me! I’ve always wanted writing to become a second career, but the biggest barrier has always been informing people that my books even exist. This is where marketing comes in, and it isn’t something I enjoy. More importantly, it takes time away from writing. But now, with Audible’s marketing muscle to help promote the third book (and the series), I am hopeful that I’ll have a chance (fingers crossed) to get my books in front of more readers.
Now, the bad news. Audible Studios would like me to delay the release of the ebook and print version of the third book until the audiobook version is complete. They want a simultaneous release for all three versions since doing so will boost sales across all three platforms.
What this means is that the third book won’t become available until probably late July/early August. I know this is crap news, and I’ve been dreading posting this information since I first learned of it’s possibility. But I hope everyone understands how fantastic this opportunity with Audible is for my professional goals as a writer.
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  1. Understood….hate to wait but this is good for you and will keep you writing….so I will forgive you this time… LOL ☺

    • Davis, I couldn’t wish you any better luck than what is happening to you. Good for you. Your writing has been so enjoyable to read and the hard work and dedication you put into it shows in the content. I’m very happy for you and wish you all the success that this profession can deliver.
      Kevin Fakhoury

  2. Bummer! I’m sorry to hear about the delay, but congratulations on the contract! That’s very exciting! While I understand about waiting to release all 3 together, would there be any chance you would/could release a small excerpt from the book to help tide us over?

    • Hi Steven,

      That’s a great idea! I’ll get to it as soon as I finalize the revisions from the proofreader. I’d look for it to be ready in about a week.


  3. Are you able to release some chapters before the release date?

  4. Hi Davis,
    Please release excerpts from the third book on your site.
    I was hoping for april release for the third book but I think I can wait for another 3-4 months.

  5. Davis, We are all willing to wait. I am re-reading the first two books right now. I always buy the audible versions of books I enjoy (have to listen to something on long car trips), so I congratulate you on the deal. Well done!

  6. Davis. This is going to be good for you in the long run. For example, I had never heard of your books until after you posted this. Now, through audible, I have listened to both books. Nick Podehl is the perfect narrator for your books, and I was completely entranced by both in the series. You now have another life long fan! Best of luck!

  7. Davis-

    Small delay in the big picture.

    Grats on the deal, well deserved!

    Landed a new gig so been radio silent but will reach out to update.

    • Hi Bill,

      I was wondering about the radio silence. I’m glad it was because of a new job. Hopefully, it pays more and it’s a load more fun–that’s what I hope everyone’s job is like.


  8. I’m on my second listening of your first two books eagerly awaiting the third. I don’t know why these books haven’t caught on because they’re fantastic. Can’t wait to purchase the third from Audible.

    • Hi Brandon,

      Second listen? That puts a huge smile on my face. Nick the Narrator would likely be pleased as well.
      As to why the books haven’t caught on, you’re guess is as good as mine, but I don’t worry too much about it. The truth is that I distinctly remember when my wife and my two boys celebrated with a really nice dinner the day I found out I had sold 100 copies of my first book. Those were my expectations back then, and I so grateful for the readership I’ve somehow achieved. Plus, this isn’t a sprint for me. I tallied up the stories I have in my head and it’s around 20-25. Thats a lot of opportunity for my books to be discovered.
      And I’m with you: I can’t wait for the third book to be released. It really is in production. I promise.


  9. It doesn’t matter to me if they release the print and the audio at the same time. I am still getting the audio version from Audible. The series has been great so far. I actually just finished the second book this morning on my drive to work. Good stuff.

    • Hi Colin,

      Hopefully, the final book will be worth the wait. I think it will, but then I would be a wee bit biased ;).


  10. Alexander Quintanilla

    I actually just stumbled upon book one a few days ago on audible. I haven’t been this engrossed in a series since the Name of the Wind. Any wait you make us suffer through can’t be as bad as that. P.s. <3 Nick Podehl.

    • Hi Alexander,

      Nick is pretty awesome. And I promise the wait for the third book won’t be anywhere near as long as the wait for the next book in The Kingkiller Chronicles. It’s actually complete, and Nick should be narrating it soon. After that, a few tweaks and the book will be out. I’m told it should be sometime in July.

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