The excerpts for Book 3 are up!

The excerpts for Book 3-A Warrior’s Penance-are up! Right now, it’s just The Trials So Far (A reminder of all that’s happened so far) and the prologue. However, over the next few months, I’ll release a new chapter a week. That should put us pretty close to the release date for the book.

Just look for “Excerpts” in the top set of tabs and follow the drop down menu.

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  1. Hello,
    Great excerpt !
    If I may, final (minor) revisions may be needed for the chapter to be perfect. For example, there is a sentence in which you call Mira “Mira Grey” instead of “Mira Terrell”…
    But good job! Can’t wait for the book’s release.

    • Thanks for the find. It’s very much appreciated. I already checked and there aren’t any more mistakes like that one, but in my defense there is reason that in my drafts, I end up sometimes calling her Mira Grey. When I originally conceived of the series, Jessira was a woman with whom Rukh had a relationship back in Ashoka and Mira Grey was the woman he found in the Wildness. Later on, I just liked Jessira’s name better for her so I switched their identities i.e. Mira became the woman who Rukh left behind and Jessira the one he finds. But Mira didn’t like that arrangement and decided she had never been in a relationship with Rukh. In book one, when she and Bree are walking through the Moon Quarter, Mira told me so.
      And that doesn’t even touch on what happened with the Baels.

  2. Haha that was why the characters felt so real!
    Anyway, I hope the book will be out very soon!

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