Swords of Spring Super Sale!

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What’s Going on!

This will be short and sweet. The weather is still wild and awful. I’m tired of all the rain, but I hope we keep plenty around for the summer.

I saw Happy Death Day and liked it. It’s like a horror-comedy version of Groundhog Day. I liked it enough that I saw the sequel, Happy Death Day 2U, which has enough set up that it could turn into a sci-fi action/adventure, which would be a weird but awesome turnaround.

What I’ve Been Reading
I’ll talk about that in the next newsletter. On to the Swords of Spring Super Sale on Epic Fantasy!

Grab a book! Deeply discounted and all that!

Epic Fantasy Fanatics (EFF) has put together an awesome deal running from March 1 through March 7. It’s the Swords of Spring, and the offer features so many wonderful fantasy stories, all of them for only $0.99. There’s everything from yours truly with A Warrior’s Path, Michael Sullivan with Death of Dulgath, Alec Hutson’s Crimson Queen, and . . . well, you get the gist.

Epic Fantasy Fanatics is also running an even cooler contest with lots of free giveaways for ebooks, signed copies and swag, and even hardbacks (I’ve offered up 3 of the latter). Just read the contest details on Facebook and find how to win.

Here’s a picture of all the available books, the whole kit and kaboodle.



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