Steampunk paintings of mecha and werewolves attacking European peasants

by | Dec 24, 2016 | Wonderings | 2 comments

Came across these steampunk paintings of mecha and werewolves attacking European peasants. The artist is Jakub Rozalski, who goes by the sobriquet “Mr. Werewolf”, and his paintings are from a set titled World of 1920+, an alternate history that inspired the board game Scythe and a video game. The paintings are wonderful, and I’d definitely read the book that had any of these paintings as the cover art.


  1. Keven Steele

    Most of these seem like they could be illustrations for the book Leviathan by Scott Westerfield.

    • Davis

      The paintings are by Jakub Rozalski from a set titled World of 1920+ and formed the basis of the board game, Scythe. There is supposed to be a video game coming out set in the same universe.


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