Status Update

Currently, I am in the middle of writing book 2 of my next series, The Chronicles of William Wilde. Book one, William Wilde and the Necrosed, is with my editor, David Farland. Yes, that David Farland. Pretty thrilled about the person editing my book. You know, the person who helped Brandon Sanderson learn the craft of writing.

Anyway, after I’ve edited the first book to David’s satisfaction, I’ll be sending it along to the beta readers.

Meanwhile, Journeys, an upcoming anthology in which one of my stories is included, releases on Feb. 15th. There are some great stories in this collection, including one’s from John Gwynne, Gail Z. Martin, Juliet McKenna, Jacob Cooper, Charlie Pulsipher, Adrian Tchaikovsky. The list goes on. Here’s the link for the preorder.


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