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Hi OutCastes!

Once again, it’s time for my semi-monthly update on what’s going on in my world. Exciting, right?

I don’t have any new books coming out, but November will hopefully be a different story. That’s when William Wilde and the Sons of Deceit, book four of The Chronicles of William Wilde should release. Look for it in either late November or early December (I hope). I’m putting the finishing touches on it right now. What’s it about you ask?
Good question. Here’s the blurb

The Servitor of Sinskrill has learned the location of Arylyn. He’ll stop at nothing to see the island destroyed. William must find a way to fight off an invasion he knows is coming. The Overward of the necrosed, Sapient Dormant, awakens. He has fresh prey in mind: William, who he infects with anger. Serena finds her place on Arylyn and will do anything to save her home. Rukh and Jessira train the magi of Arylyn to fight. And Lord Shet on the faraway world of Seminal has plans of his own. Mysteries are slowly revealed. Who is Cinder Shade and how is he related to Rukh? Then a whole bunch of battles take place, stuff gets blown up, and the Kesarins, Aia and Shon, charge into the fray.

William Wilde was always meant to include the characters of The Castes and the OutCastes, and, yes, it can be thought of as a continuation of sorts of that series. And Seminal, a world of ancient legends and myths, of epic stories and lies, will figure prominently in my future writings.

I went to DragonCon this year as an attending pro, which was absolutely fantastic. I met some really great people, fellow authors and artists. It was phenomenal to be surrounded by so many people who shared my nerdy interests and got all my geek references. I also met some wonderful people who enjoyed my books so much that they came to DragonCon and wanted to meet me. That was an incredibly humbling experience and also really, really cool.
At DragonCon, I shared a house with Bryce O’Connor, author of Child of the Daystar. Think Conan in dragon form mixed with the Punisher. Raz, the Monster or Karth, is really that badass. I wish I could steal him.  Dyrk Ashton was also at the house. He’s the author of Paternus: Rise of the Gods. The book is reputedly urban fantasy, but truthfully, Dyrk’s books are more epic in scope than just about any epic fantasy out there. They’re fast-paced, fun, but with characters who have a chance to live. Plus, Bryce and Dyrk are awesome guys.
We had such a great time at DragonCon. One of my best weekends in years. Miss it already.
Otherwise, like I mentioned up above, I’m putting the finishing touches on William Wilde, book 4. I also created a glossary for it. Portions of it will be placed at the end of each ebook. I also created a summary for each book, and those will go at the beginning of each book.
While I was doing this, I realized how complicated William Wilde has become. I thought it would be a simple adventure story, but nope, it decided to expand and explode in detail and depth. All sorta griping aside, I really like how William Wilde is turning out. I think it’s far and away my best writing, and I especially like how well aspects of The Castes and the OutCastes have been woven into the story, but man, one day I think I need to write a standalone novel that really is just that simple and straightforward.
That’ll have to wait, though, because I’ve got other stories to write first, and they’re all threatening to be even more complicated that William Wilde and even The Castes.
I don’t get to watch much TV, but in August, I needed a break from writing and life. I ended up watching Justified. It’s about a US Marshall stationed in Miami who gets the sideways promotion/demotion to the eastern Kentucky office out of Lexington. It stars Timothy Oliphant and features an absolute stellar cast of actors and writers. I cannot recommend this show highly enough. The writing and acting is simply superb. After watching Justified, most every other show seems bland and boring.
Football season started. Go Bengals! They won’t, but I like to fantasize (get it) that they will.

There’s a promo I’m excited to be involved in. It’s specially made for fantasy audiophiles. Just click the link and enter a chance to win a 12-month Audible.com membership! It’s brought to you by a whole bunch of fantasy authors. Oh, yes and don’t forget to browse the books. There’s everything from urban fantasy to dark fantasy to epic fantasy to romantic fantasy . . . You get the drift.

Also, a friend of mine, JC Kang, has a finished series for sale, The Dragon Song Quartet, listed for only $0.99. It’s a promo and gives you over 1700 pages of Asian influenced epic fantasy. JC has also launched a new series, Masters of Deception. It’s set in the same world as his original series, and the first book is also discounted at $0.99 but only through Sunday, October 7th.



  1. Cheryl

    Glad to hear we will be seeing more of Aia. My family enjoyed meeting you at DragonCon and I still think that panel you were on was the best one I’ve attended in years. Thank you for writing.

    • Davis

      I think I might have had more fun meeting with y’all than the other way around. It was such a treat, and I was pretty nervous about the panel. It was my first (and so far, only) DragonCon Panel, and I’m so glad it turned out the way it did. As for Aia, we’ll definitely see more of her. There’s a side story I might one day write about how she landed on Earth, why Shon took longer, and what ever happened to Landon, William’s brother, after WW and the Necrosed.


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