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My first real newsletter! I’m trying something new, and I can’t promise I’ll keep doing it. Here  goes . . .


The most important thing is this: William Wilde and the Stolen Life, Book 2 of The Chronicles of William Wilde releases next week, on June 18th and preorders for the Kindle edition are here: https://amzn.to/2sNna1L

The audiobook can be purchased on Amazon, here: https://amzn.to/2y29YLu

Or on Audible here: https://www.audible.com/pd/Teens/William-Wilde-and-the-Stolen-Life-Audiobook/B079RMLJ7D

And for those wanting more Rukh and Jessira, you’ll find it in this book and the rest of the series. That’s right. Some of the characters from The Castes and the OutCastes, which takes place on the world of Arisa, cross over to Earth. Rukh and Jessira made a limited appearance in book 1, William Wilde and the Necrosed, but they become a more integral part of the story as the series unfolds. Nevertheless, the bulk of what happens is about William Wilde.

BTW, here’s the blurb:

Having survived the deadly Kohl Obsidian, William Wilde had hoped his life would settle down; that he’d finish his senior year of high school and have no further adventures.
But life isn’t so simple for a potential magus, especially one who’s overcome as dangerous an enemy as Kohl. Instead, William has unwittingly earned the raptor gaze of even greater foes. One is someone he thought he could implicitly trust while others are even more terrifying. And all are from the island of Sinskrill. They are mahavans, powerful magic-users bent on humanity’s enslavement. They seek to capture William and bind him in perpetual servitude upon Sinskrill.
William finds himself trapped amongst people for whom deceit and pain are simple coins to be traded, and his best hope for survival might lie with those he thought to be his mortal enemies.


I went to ConCarolinas and met a number of wonderful people, including John Hartness, publisher of Falstaff Books and all around generous guy, Drew Hayes, author of a series of highly popular superhero novels, Chris Jackson, who once wrote a book in one month while docked in St. Lucia, David Coe, who was a favorite of mine when I was still in the dream stages of wanting to become a writer, and Faith Hunter, who was kind to a newbie.
Also, for anyone who might in the Atlanta area over Labor Day, I’ll be attending DragonCon this year as an Attending Pro, so you might see me on some panels.
Oh, yes. I’m also putting the finishing touches on William Wilde and the Sons of Deceit before it goes out to the editor. It’s the 4th book in the series and book 3, William Wilde and the Unusual Suspects, is already complete and recorded by Nick Podehl.

With each newsletter, I’m going to do my best to include an item by a fantasy I’ve enjoyed reading. This month, it’s Steve Kelliher’s Landkist SagaSteve is a former MMA fighter, and so, of course, his battle scenes are absolutely vivid. However, that descriptive skill carries over to his other scenes. He sets the scene so well, and his characters live and breathe. The turmoil they face, the genocide that threatens them—that’s the heart of the book. It’s a dark, mysterious world with a sense of history and filled with conflicted people who struggle to do what’s right, with no one entirely sure what that means.


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