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Hey y’all,

I feel like this is going to be a copy-and-paste of the last newsletter, but it’s not… at least not entirely, so here goes. I’m still working on A Necessary Heresy, book 3 of Instrument of Omens. It’s proving to be more of a challenge than any other book I’ve written; not because I don’t know where the story is going, but because the story beats have been difficult to understand.

Sure, I could have gotten the book done with the major plot points reached, but how those plot points are reached is critical. It has to be done in a way that honors the characters, and until recently, I wasn’t sure how well I was managing it.

Thankfully, I have really good author friends, and after talking over the plot elements with Phil Tucker, author of Chronicles of the Black Gate (which you should read if you haven’t), I am now much more confident in what’s happening and what has to happen. What this means is that I’ll get the first draft to 70% completion, and then go back to fill in the missing elements. I no longer have as good of sense as to how long the ultimate writing process will take, but I won’t rush it. It’ll take as long as needed to make the book a worthy successor to the ones that came before.

Has everyone else already watched Ted Lasso? I might have mentioned that show before, but if I haven’t, I’m mentioning it now. It’s a wonderful, feel-good, fish-out-of-water show, which in the time of Covid, is what we all still need. If nothing else, it might put a smile on your face. I also watched a show about Godzilla. Not Godzilla vs Kong, but Godzilla Singular Point. It’s an anime, and while it was imaginative, I’m not sure what the point of the show was other than to review some esoteric physics and philosophy. I’m still confused by it.

That’s about all I got entertainment-wise since I haven’t had as much time to read lately (family health issues and a long overdue purging of clutter from the house has taken precedence this month), but hopefully I’ll have something to suggest next time around.

Oh, wait. Digging from the past, if you’re looking for sci-fi, you can’t go wrong with Red Rising by Pierce Brown and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I know those are obvious, but at least I got some books recs, right?




  1. James A. Pipes

    The only disappointment is when you finish book one is where is book two. Both books were great reading. I have to say you are a talented writer. I certainly don’t want you to rush; however, I can’t wait for the third one. I know it will be great. I know some of the character from previous series. That is what makes it good. Also, you left us hanging abruptly with the final chapter. I look forward to release date.

  2. David Betts

    Please let me know when book 3 is ready.

    • Davis

      Hi David,

      I will absolutely let everyone know when book 3 is available. It should be out late this year or early next year.


  3. Todd Westbrooks

    Hi David. I enjoy so much reading your books. If a single piece can’t be described as “Epic Fantasy”, the way you intertwine your stories are most epic! You are now my favorite author. I look forward to book 3, but know the way you intertwine (forgive the repetition) has to be painstaking. Godspeed on the finishing of this most enjoyable series. I can’t wait!!!

    • Davis

      Hi Todd,

      Thank you reaching out and letting me know how much you are enjoying the books. And, yes, they are most definitely epic fantasy and also very intertwined. Sometimes I want to smack myself for how complex I’ve made the various series. It sure would be a lot easier if they were simpler. Then again, they probably wouldn’t be as much fun to read or ultimately, to write.



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