International Book Awards

Just found out A Warrior’s Path was a finalist for the 2015 International Book Awards for Fantasy! Absolutely over-joyed! So happy.


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  1. Kevin Fakhoury

    You absolutely deserve first place. Congratulations Davis!

    • Thanks, Kevin! I appreciate the sentiment. I did deserve first place. Lol. Actually, probably not. The person who know deserved it. I’m just happy to have been chosen as a finalist.

  2. Davis,

    Well deserved accolades! Your thoughtfulness in considering exactly what to write, what messages to emphasize is obvious. I’ve loved your work from the moment I read the first book.

    I’m selfishly happy, soon I’ll have a “I knew him when” story to tell!!

    All the best sir….

    • Thanks, Bill! Your words are very much appreciated. It’s got me smiling even broader than before.

      And speaking of words, I’m starting the first of several edits on the first 1/3 of the third book. I hope to have it ready for you and the other beta readers in early to mid June.

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