International Book Awards

by | May 22, 2015 | Wonderings | 4 comments

Just found out A Warrior’s Path was a finalist for the 2015 International Book Awards for Fantasy! Absolutely over-joyed! So happy.



  1. Kevin Fakhoury

    You absolutely deserve first place. Congratulations Davis!

    • Davis

      Thanks, Kevin! I appreciate the sentiment. I did deserve first place. Lol. Actually, probably not. The person who know deserved it. I’m just happy to have been chosen as a finalist.

  2. Bill


    Well deserved accolades! Your thoughtfulness in considering exactly what to write, what messages to emphasize is obvious. I’ve loved your work from the moment I read the first book.

    I’m selfishly happy, soon I’ll have a “I knew him when” story to tell!!

    All the best sir….

    • Davis

      Thanks, Bill! Your words are very much appreciated. It’s got me smiling even broader than before.

      And speaking of words, I’m starting the first of several edits on the first 1/3 of the third book. I hope to have it ready for you and the other beta readers in early to mid June.


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