Giving away Stories from Arisa

I’m going to give away both the ebook and audiobook versions of my short story collection, Stories from Arisa, for anyone who signs up for the newsletter from my website. This is the short story collection set in Arisa, the world of A Warrior’s Path. Jacob Cooper (a wonderful author in his own right. Here’s his website: is going to do the narration. Why him instead of Nick Podehl? Well, mostly because Jacob’s got a great voice and is trying to build a career as a narrator. This just felt like the right thing to do in order to help support someone who’s also trying to make it in this strange world of writing.

I’ll have more information about that soon.

BTW Nick is still doing the audiobook for A Warrior’s Knowledge and A Warrior’s Penance (the working title of book 3). And speaking of book 3, I just passed 115k words. The first half only needs one or two passes to get it right, and I figure I’m about 55-65k words from the end.

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