FIFA Scandal-Arresting them is a good start

I’m glad to see these arrests, and hopefully, it will only be the start. I’d like to see these guilty men impoverished and imprisoned for what they have done. But it’s not because I care about the money they stole or with which they were bribed. It’s because of five thousand young men. According to the Qataris, five thousand men will have died in order to build these sports complexes and hotels. And given that this is the official number, the true number will likely be much higher.

Just think about that for a moment. Five thousand men from the very poorest countries; young and willing to work, were killed. Their deaths are considered acceptable losses. Five thousand men dead in a desert for a soccer tournament. Five thousand sacrifices so greedy, evil fuckers could make a dime.

It’s simply too awful to fathom.


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