DragonCon 2019!

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This is a different blogpost than usual. This one is about DragonCon, an annual nerd convention held every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA. I went to it last year and again this year, and I’ve decided that it’s my new favorite holiday.
For now, fair warning: lots of nerdastic pictures coming up.


There wasn’t much happening on my end on Thursday at DragonCon. Although Dyrk Ashton, author of Paternus, showed up at our AirBnB. He kept looking to the side, maybe hoping to see where he’d left his pants or something. BTW, next to Dyrk (he’s the follicularly challenged fella) is Phil Tucker, author The Chronicles of the Black Gate. Next is Kent Wilson, DungeonMaster extraordinaire, Bryce O’Connor, author of The Wings of War, and then me.

At the con, there were these ten foot tall Groots? I don’t know what they were, but they were kinda menacing in a nerdy sort of way.
I could have taken ’em.
I also saw these lightsabers. I wish I my kids would have wanted one, or that I could have figured out a use for one. Maybe next year.


Friday was my first panel. Kinda nerve wracking, so I thought I’d pretend I was actually not nervous by shoving Cersei and Dany off the Iron Throne. At least you now know how George is going to end his version of A Song of Ice and Fire.
The panel was also where I made an unfortunate comment over a live mike. It ended up on “Heard at DragonCon”. I’m not telling what it was. After that, it was time for some coffee at Starbucks, where this big Kratos dude with a Scottish brogue casually mentioned that he killed a minotaur once.
I believe him.

Time to hit the Art Show and Vendor Hall!
But first we were waylaid by this twelve foot tall . . . whatever the hell he is with a sword that’s longer than I am tall. (I’m 6’2″).

Then we finally did get to the Art Show. I met some wonderful people, like Ed Binkley, Christian Angel, Elaine Ho . . . I bought a LOT more art than I planned, and the highlight was when the husband of one of the artists peered at my badge and told me how much he loved my books. Also, the person manning Brandon Sanderson’s booth had heard of me, Bryce O’Connor, and Dyrk Ashton, which was cool. We chatted him up a bit too long though, because the person who was actually in charge of Sanderson’s booth thought we were causing trouble. I think she might have been about 5’2″, and she stomped over like she was going to lay the smackdown on us. She reminds me of someone . . .


Yeah. I wasn’t exclamation pointing anything. I’m old, and I needed some sleep, but someone . . . cough Bryce O’Connor . . . cough woke me up early when he thumped around doing whatever young people do. At least Dryk Ashton made some coffee, so I had some and sat out back, enjoying the lovely weather. After some caffeine infusion, we were ready to roll!
BTW that gorgeous backyard in our AirBnB never got used during our entire stay.

I honestly don’t remember what we did that day. I think I bought more art? I don’t know, but I do remember wishing I could buy one of these jackets. I could totally pull it off . . . If I was a lot younger and my hair was still black.

That night I hung out with a bunch of authors at the Westin. A reader named Jeff studied by badge and shouted that he loved my books too! He whipped out his phone and showed me all eight of them-fully read-on his Audible app. What a lovely chap! After that I had to give him a hardback copy of the first books in both of my series.

Later on THE Todd Lockwood along with THE Shawn Speakman wandered in. Todd’s so easy to talk to and such a friendly guy. So is Shawn, despite his intimidating author photo.

Then more buds showed up. I’ve posted this picture before, and I really am so glad to have spent time at the con with each of these reprobates. From left to right, it’s Andrew the Actor, Luke Chmilenko, Bryce O’Connor, Michael Chatfield, and Dyrk Ashton.


Sunday morning dawned bright and semi-early. I think I woke up at 730. My throat was sore from all the shouting the night before, and I grumbled until I got some coffee. Do you sense a theme? BTW why do hotels play such obnoxiously loud music when people want to talk in the lobby next to the bar/restaurant?

Enough complaints! Back to the con!

The day started off good when I met a charming young woman cosplaying as Ms. Frizzle. I loved watching Magic School Bus with my kids.
Later on we met more fun artists. I also collected a signed book from THE  Todd Lockwood (I think that’s his official name). Then this guy showed up. Holy hell he was scary.
I could have taken him.

That night, on my way to the Westin, I was assaulted by a bunch of dinosaurs. T-rexes to be specific. They had gathered in a herd. Is that what a bunch of T-rexes are called? Anyway, then they formed a conga line of T-rexes.
Only at DragonCon! And hope to see more friendly faces next year!


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