Chapter 4 from A Warrior’s Penance is available

Here’s the link.

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  1. Beautiful, just started my re-read of the previous books. I’m not sure if I missed a post, but when can we expect the full release?

    I’m dying over here, weathers turning, suns coming out. Patio, cigar and beers are calling me, would like to have this book on hand to go with that cigar and beer.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Mark,

      Patio, cigar, and beer? Sounds nice, and I’ve got a friend who would love to talk to you about two of those three items. He’s more of a wine guy, though.

      The full release should be in July. That’s what Audible Studio tells me, and Nick says he’ll be narrating starting later this month. It takes him about two weeks to get his part done. Then I have to listen to it, and then Audible’s people have to make sure all the inadvertent sounds are removed. After that, it’s out to the world in all formats.


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