A Warrior’s Knowledge – an update

Before life kicked me off the writing wagon in January, I was making good progress with volume 2. I had 113,000 words down – success! Later on I realized that a good junk of that might end up in volume 3. I also realized that I’d have rewrite a large portion because while the plot was exactly as I wanted, the characters had gotten away from me; their interactions and such. They weren’t who I wanted them to be – not Rukh or Jessira or anyone from volume 1 but new characters. I have to alter these new characters so events in volume 3 have more emotional resonance.

Well, now I’m back to writing, and I thought I’d ease myself into it by editing what I’ve already written. It was quite a relief to find that what I’d already written for volume 2 wasn’t crap, and only needed minor changes. But small changes make for a much better book. I’ve gotten rid of extraneous words (I’m a horrible over-writer) and as a result, the narrative flow is much smoother.

My editing is motoring along, and I have now reached the parts where I’ll have to start rewriting scenes. It won’t be too bad (fingers crossed).

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  1. Anxiously awaiting number 2!

  2. I read warrior path, one of the best books fanasty I read so far.
    The only cons I have was the development of the main character Rukh,
    I would like the know how he attain skills in as a sword master and magical proficiency in fire , what made him the best in this fields. In this novel u didn’t go in details how be was educated in these fields.

    • Hi Urgan. I’m glad you liked A Warrior’s Path.

      I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to revisit Rukh’s childhood, which would be the most obvious way to explain how he became so good with the sword, but there is an answer to your question. Rukh outworked everybody else. Like all great athletes, his physical gifts can only take him so far. It’s the will to excel that sets him apart. Rukh is as good as he is because because he was graced with wonderful physical attributes but mostly because he is relentless in becoming the best he can possibly be.

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