A small taste of William Wilde book 4. It made me smile to write about these two.

Rukh nodded and drew her into his arms. “What do you know of Jareth, Wren, Sinder, and Brin?”Jessira stiffened. The names caused her joy and pain in equal measure.
“You know who they are, don’t you?” Rukh asked. “I can’t see their faces. I only know the names.”
“They’re our children,” Jessira told him.
“And two are dead.”
His words fell like a stone, and Jessira could only nod. Pain at what they’d lost stole her voice. After a moment, she managed to collect herself. “They were born without flesh and yet were mortal.” A tear leaked down her cheek.
Rukh traced the tear. “You’ve known all along?”
“I knew,” Jessira said. “It came to me when I first entered Meldencreche.”
Rukh tilted up her chin. “You carried the burden of their loss alone. Why not tell me?”
“They are only names until you remember their lives,” Jessira replied.
Rukh hugged her. “It’s why I came here, to remember all I lost, so when we see our children again, I’ll know them.”
Jessira stepped out of his embrace and took his hand. She tugged him forward. “Let me show you what stirred my memories. It’s a mural of the Lord of the Sword and the Lady of Fire. You’ll know who they are when you see their faces.”

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