A new short story

I was asked to submit a short story to the new Journeys anthology, which is currently free on KU and $0.99 on Kindle. My story deals with the legendary warrior Hume at the time of Hammer’s Fall. Some of the other authors are bestsellers, so I’m giddy with excitement at being including with them.
The collection is edited by Teresa Edgerton, published by Woodbridge Press and includes stories from John Gwynne, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gail Z. Martin, Juliet E McKenna, Julia Knight, Juliana Spink Mills, Jacob Cooper, Samanda R Primeau, Steven Poore, Dan Jones, Charlie Pulsipher, Anna Dickinson, Thaddeus White, and Davis Ashura aka me and it releases on February 15, 2017, but it’s available for preorder right now.
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