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Last weekend, a group of around sixteen independent authors gathered at the home of Michael and Robin Sullivan. I’d never met most of them before, but we’d interacted online for the past few years. This was so much fun. What a great weekend. Just typing it up right now, I’m having a bit of withdrawal, wishing it was still going on.

Being a writer generally means being cooped up in a shell, so this was a lot of fun to meet up with a veritable pantheon of fellow independent writers, all working along the same track. Even better, they’re all great and wonderful people. We planned on talking business, which we did, but mostly we just hung out. I spent mornings talking to Alec Hutson, Michael Miller, K.S. Villoso, and JC Kang about everything and nothing, which are the best kind of conversations.

The Sullivans are such gracious hosts and had all sorts of fun activities planned for us. Sure there’s a pool, but even better there were bows and arrows, throwing knives, and hatchets! That sounds less dangerous written down than it was in real life since Phil Tucker and Bryce O’Connor liked the last two the most. They dismantled a wooden target with the throwing knives and hatchets, and by dismantle, I mean they shredded the target to splinters.

The highlight was when an intrepid team consisting of JC Kang, Will Wight, and yours truly took on the indomitable trio of T.L. Greylock, Alec Hutson, and Michael Miller in an epic game of darts. We won on a last second double bulls-eye and celebrated with a round of Guinness!

I also got to drive a Tesla Model 3, which is an amazing car. Easily the best vehicle I’ve ever driven in terms of performance and acceleration (and I drive a Chevy SS with an LS-3 engine). The Tesla is Ferrari fast. I also met Andy Peloquin, who has a fascinating background and fed us the absolute best tacos I’ve ever had.

(I stole this part from Will Wight because it’s funny)
Who was there?

Michael Miller – Battle Spire, the Dragon’s Blade trilogy, and Portal Books
Miranda Honfleur – Blade and Rose and Dark-Elves of Nightbloom
Will Wight – Cradle series, Traveler’s Gate, and the Elder Empire
Dyrk Ashton – Paternus: Rise of Gods and also your dreams.
Luke Chmilenko – Ascend Online and A Mark of Kings (with some other guy)
Bryce O’Connor – The Wings of War and A Mark of Kings (with some other guy)
Alec Hutson – The Crimson Queen and its sequel
​Phil Tucker – GodsbloodThe Chronicles of the Black GateEuphoria Online (shared a long drive from NC and it was a fun roadtrip)
K.S. Villoso – The Agartes EpiloguesAnnals of the Bitch Queen
Quenby Olson – First PositionThe FirstbornThe Bride Price, and many others.
J.C. Kang – The Dragon Songs Saga, Scions of the Black Lotus
A.C. Cobble – Benjamin AshwoodThe Cartographer
Andy Peloquin – Defenders of Legend, Hero of Darkness, Heirs of Destiny (how the hell does he write so fast)
T.L. Greylock – The Song of the Ash Tree (Badassery is her middle name and she really brings it with the Norse mythology)

I’ve read most of the authors, and I’ve enjoyed all of them, which was another great thing about this meeting.


  1. JC Kang

    What Davis doesn’t say about the dart game was that he pretty much won it for our team, and that a lot of Guinness was imbibed before we started playing…

    • Davis

      Yeah, but your “three darts all at once” technique (which should totally be a path used in a progression fantasy novel) was awesome.

  2. tlgreylock

    indomitable = totally mediocre

    • Davis

      I don’t know about mediocre. At least you were always able to hit the wall. 🙂

    • Davis

      That sounds like something Joey Tribbiani from Friends would say.


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