The Hundred-Foot Journey

Just saw it with my wife. The Hundred-Foot Journey revolves around a young man, Hasan, who has what seems to be a perfect sense of taste when it comes to cooking. Tragedy leads him and his family away from the restaurant his grandfather started in India to a small village in France. There, they decide to start an Indian restaurant, but it just happens to be across the street from a Michelin rated French restaurant.

Trouble brews immediately, and well…go see it. I liked it a lot. After seeing nothing but popcorn fun with lots of explosions this summer, it was nice to see a date movie about people. And like all Indian movies, it also made me a bit homesick.

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  1. Hello! And while I guess you will not read this I just figured I could share my insight with you. I have been reading fantasy books for quite some time so while I’m no expert critic I do have a lot of work to compare yours to… that being said 6 of had a wonderful first book that had me enthralled but had one minor problem and that Is the people, Specifically the females. What I mean about that is while their humor is funny and often has me laughing out loud I can see no definite difference between any of them. Them being the three main heroines. They all are self depreciating and “violent” when confronted with a rib. In all honesty their personalties are so similar you could use the same lines interchangeably between then. I may be the only one who sees this but I love your story so far and want to see it improve. Best of luck

    • See. I did read your post ;).

      And thank you for purchasing my first book. Even more, I’m glad you you enjoyed it, and I hope you like the second one even more, especially the women. Alas, I’m still working on it. In the meantime, I do have a short story collection out as well featuring some of the same characters:

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