July 12th Release Date!

It’s almost here. July 12th. The release date for A Warrior’s Penance. Here’s the link for the ebook/print. And here’s the link for the audiobook.

July 12th-A Warrior’s Penance release date!

The grand finale to the series, A Warrior’s Penance, is ready to launch. Just 13 more days to go! Here are the preorder links: Amazon Audible And if you’re going to purchase the book, I would be grateful if you considered preordering. The more sales Amazon...

William Wilde and the Magi’s Blade

Here is the rough draft beginning to my next series. It’s a story I’ve written four times before, and each draft was a complete rewrite and a complete failure. This time I have a stronger sense of what works and doesn’t and a much more interesting...

Pre-order A Warrior’s Penance

I’ve got a firmish release date for A Warrior’s Penance, book 3 of The Castes and the OutCastes, so I have it available for pre-order on Amazon. Here’s the link. I’m also doing a omnibus ebook edition. I can’t do a print omnibus, though,...

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