A Warrior’s Knowledge

I just published the book. YAY!!!!!! Here’s the Amazon link: A Warrior’s Knowledge. For a short time, it’s going to be exclusive to Amazon since they market the bejeezus out of a book when it’s in their Kindle Select Program. Later on in the...

Final edits received!

I’ve received the final edits. Yay! Just have to add a couple of scenes (about 2000-3000 words max) and wait for input from my beta readers. After that, one last perusal, and it goes out to the world.  ...

What I’m doing now

So while volume 2 of my own series is in the hands of my editor, I decided to take time off to read some books. See, there’s a novel I wrote – the very the first one, in fact – waaaaaay back in 2003. It was absolutely awful, but since I loved the...

Progress on A Warrior’s Knowledge

So, this is what I wanted to get done in December, and this is what I actually managed to accomplish. For December, I wanted to finish the final chapter left of A Warrior’s Knowledge, which I did. Then it was the following: 1. Complete a couple rounds of...

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