October Newsletter

Hi OutCastes! Once again, it’s time for my semi-monthly update on what’s going on in my world. Exciting, right? WHAT’S NEW IN MY WORLD? I don’t have any new books coming out, but November will hopefully be a different story. That’s when William Wilde and the...

The glossary for William Wilde is up.

This is a word of warning. This is the glossary through book 4. Yes, I know, book 4 isn’t out yet, but it’s in the final stages of editing, so this is the information I used through that book. There aren’t many spoilerish items if you’ve read...

August Newsletter/William Wilde Book 3 launch!

Hi OutCastes, My semi-monthly update on what’s going on in my world. First off, book 3 of The Chronicles of William Wilde releases tomorrow, August 7th, 2018. Here’s a short blurb: William must summon his courage and return to Sinskrill. Great friends remain trapped...

Trailers from San Diego Comic Con!

No, I wasn’t there. Maybe one day. Anyhow, here are the trailers I liked, even if I may never see the movies themselves: 1) Godzilla: King of the Monsters I can’t wait to see this one. 2) Glass Now, I have to go back and watch Split first. 3) Fantastic...

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