Impossible EM Drive

I try not to get excited about things like this Impossible EM Drive, but I sure hope it pans out. Exciting won’t begin to describe my reaction if it does. If Mars is only 70 days away, I imagine everything will get very interesting in a few decades, and not...

A Goldilocks Planet is Discovered

Exciting news if it can be confirmed and if the planet in question is rocky. What’s that? It’s 1600 light years away. Hmm. I suppose my frequent flier miles won’t get me there.

Sigourney Weaver is awesome!

Why is Sigourney Weaver awesome? Because in addition to being a great actress, she has absolutely no qualms about loving the genre that helped make her a star: sci-fi. And she loves the franchise that she personifies: Alien. Here are her thoughts on the...

Music I listen to when writing

I’ve discussed writing and music with many other authors, including Jacob Cooper and Jonathan Renshaw, both of whom have a background in music. All of us have our own approaches to external stimuli when writing, but for me, I have to have music when I write....

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