Things that are a pain!

Setting up a Contact Form so people can email me turned out to be a HUGE pain in the backside. Hours wasted, and the worst was that all it took was one call to my webhost, literally 2 seconds on the part of Evan the awesome tech, and it was done.

At least I hope it’s done.

A story of mine is included in an anthology

One of my short stories, The Prank, which was included in Stories from Arisa, is now in a free anthology titled Through the Suffering of Others. It’s a strong collection put together by J.R. Karlsson and features stories written by some great indie authors, including bestsellers like Lindsay Buroker and Tony Healey. The best part is that it’s free. Right now, it’s simply a downloadable Epub and MOBI file , but hopefully Amazon et al will soon stock it and let J.R. put it out for free.

Here’s the link which also has a description of the included stories.

Through the Suffering of Others