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October Newsletter

Hi OutCastes! Once again, it's time for my semi-monthly update on what’s going on in my world. Exciting, right? WHAT’S NEW IN MY WORLD? I don’t have any new books coming out, but November will hopefully be a different story. That’s when William Wilde and the Sons of...

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The glossary for William Wilde is up.

This is a word of warning. This is the glossary through book 4. Yes, I know, book 4 isn't out yet, but it's in the final stages of editing, so this is the information I used through that book. There aren't many spoilerish items if you've read through book 3, but any...

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August Newsletter/William Wilde Book 3 launch!

Hi OutCastes, My semi-monthly update on what’s going on in my world. First off, book 3 of The Chronicles of William Wilde releases tomorrow, August 7th, 2018. Here’s a short blurb: William must summon his courage and return to Sinskrill. Great friends remain trapped...

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Trailers from San Diego Comic Con!

No, I wasn't there. Maybe one day. Anyhow, here are the trailers I liked, even if I may never see the movies themselves: 1) Godzilla: King of the Monsters I can't wait to see this one. 2) Glass Now, I have to go back and watch Split first. 3) Fantastic Beasts: the...

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Today’s Launch Day for William Wilde and the Stolen Life!

It's launch day! Get your copy of William Wilde and the Stolen Life at your local Amazon and Audible stores! Having survived the deadly Kohl Obsidian, William Wilde had hoped his life would settle down; that he'd finish his senior year of high school and have no...

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June Newsletter

My first real newsletter! I’m trying something new, and I can’t promise I’ll keep doing it. Here  goes . . . WHAT’S NEW: The most important thing is this: William Wilde and the Stolen Life, Book 2 of The Chronicles of William Wilde releases next week, on June 18th and...

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Me and a bunch of other authors, like Michael J. Sullivan, Phil Tucker, David Estes, David Benem, K.S. Villoso, Steve Kelliher, Quenby Olson, and . . . well, you get the drift. We've got a giant MayDaySale on many of our books that we're running from May 1st through...

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