Happy Merry Post-Christmas!

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Merry Christmas! Even if it’s a day late and a dollar short!

What I’ve Been Doing

Not a whole lot. I saw Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, which was an absolutely fun movie. It was my favorite Spiderman movie, and it was also one of my favorite superhero movies of all time.
I’m pushing hard on William Wilde, book 5.
Speaking of William Wilde, some news!
William Wilde and the Sons of Deceit, book 4 in the series, releases on Jan. 8. It’s up for preorder, including the audiobook, which is narrated by Nick Podehl once again. Here’s what it’s about:

The raid on Sinskrill was a success, but the battle is only just beginning. William realizes the stakes at hand. He still has to find a way to prevent Lord Shet, the god of the mahavans, from returning to Earth from the faraway world of Seminal. If he doesn’t, Arylyn will be destroyed.
But strange visions plague his mind: an albino monster who infects William with anger. It is Sapient Dormant, the Overward of the necrosed and tasked by Shet to recover a long lost talisman of power. The Servitor of Sinskrill also advances his own plans. He’s learned Arylyn’s location and will do whatever he can to bring a crippling blow to the magi.

Serena struggles with her own path, torn between loyalty and love for William and a desire to see her family safe. Rukh and Jessira seek to provide balance to the magi. Only they have the skill and training to keep Arylyn safe, but their memories of their shared past life on Arisa remain fragmented, and their greatest allies, their Kesarins—Aia and Shon—are nowhere to be found.

And on Seminal, Lord Shet schemes, certain of his coming victory.


I also created a boxset for books 1-3 of The Chronicles of WIlliam Wilde and it’s only $0.99 from now until I feel like ending the sale.


What I’ve Been Reading
The Disaster Artist. My boys asked me to read this, and I’m in the middle of the book. Tommy Wiseau is impossible to describe, and his movie The Room is hailed as the best, worst movie ever made. Listening to my kids talk about it reminds me of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As for The Disaster Artist, it’s a behind the scenes look at the making of this simultaneously hilarious and weird movie.

I’m also reading Unsouled by Will Wight and absolutely loving it. It reminds of leveling up games and is as fun but better than his House of Blades trilogy.


Grab a book! Deeply discounted and all that!

The good folks at Fantasy Bridge Crew are doing another audiobook giveaway. Enter for a chance to win free audiobook code. And the grand prize winner wins a code as well as a few other cool things, like an Amazon gift card.

Fables from a Lost Land by Aaron Hodges

Three first books in three epic fantasy series. It’s on sale now for only $0.99


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