A Warrior’s Knowledge

I just published the book. YAY!!!!!! Here’s the Amazon link: A Warrior’s Knowledge.

For a short time, it’s going to be exclusive to Amazon since they market the bejeezus out of a book when it’s in their Kindle Select Program. Later on in the year, I’ll put it on the Nook as well.

BTW, here’s the cover art.

LoEbook-A WarriorsKnowledgeCover


Whaddy’all think?


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  1. Just downloaded will report back.


  2. Beware Spoilers.

    While I enjoyed the book there were several things that did annoy me.

    First off I noticed very early on that there were still quite a few typographical errors.

    Second when you combine the part where Jessira reveals her past shame about mistakenly sleeping with the lieutenant and the possessive nature of her Fiance. It gives the whole book a rapey feel, I don’t know if that is just me but I really didn’t like that feel.

    Third with the the “purebloods” being able to learn all the skills and being better at them than the outcastes it will place a real divide into any type of acceptance. You’ll need to find a way to remedy this power gap or with the already existing prejudice there is no way it would seem realistic for inter-caste relationships.

    Overall I give the book 7.5/10 besides what I mentioned I really enjoyed the book. Though reading through the parts *not* centered on Rukh were a bit of a slog, it was still an enjoyable read.

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