A Warrior’s Knowledge – First Draft is Done!

Finally done! I just finished the first draft. My heart was thudding as I wrote the final scene. I actually had to take a break from it ’cause I got so excited.

After this, I think I deserve an adult beverage!

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  1. Excited to here that

    Cannot wait for the book to be released……………

    What is the ECD?

    This way I can re-read the first book for the third time and be ready to jump right into the second book

  2. Good news, Davis!

    I’m sorry I’ve not got around to posting your interview on my blog yet, but maybe we can schedule it to coincide with the release of A Warrior’s Knowledge next year.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Sorry about not responding earlier. I’ve been busting my hump trying to get editing done on A Warrior’s Knowledge. And I think your idea is a good one to schedule the interview when A Warrior’s Knowledge is ready for release.

  3. Really happy to hear 2nd book coming soon….Really love your work. No need to reply….just keep on writing!!

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